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Monica Guitti is a fashion, editorial, and portrait photographer from Los Angeles, CA.


Since graduating from The Los Angeles Film School, she has worked internationally on productions for FX, Disney, FOX, HBO, WeTv, Bravo!, Televisa, Netflix, and most recently Warner Brothers. 


In 2019, Monica spent the year under the tutelage of world-renowned photographer David LaChapelle as his Studio Manager in Hollywood, CA. She gained experience working with high-profile clients and brands including Kenzo, Absolute Vodka, Lavazza, KKW Beauty, and Vogue ItaliaSince leaving she has worked as a photo assistant or coordinator on campaigs for Dior, Audi, Sherri Hill, Aimer, Tadashi Sohji, Sweet Earth, and Joyba.

Most currently, she was an in-house photographer with The Dragonfly Agency, shot the premiere launch of the luxury fashion line Finchley Camino, and is working as a production coordinator in the entertainment industry.

Monica aims to make a name for herself in the fashion industry with her signature look and vibrant imagery in the hopes of bringing more joy and zest for life to the world.



IG: @monicaguitti_photo