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Along with photography, Monica has worked on major entertainment and advertising projects on many different levels. Colleagues have called her “a force to be reckoned with” and a strong asset to have on set. 

Below are some of her credits...


As a seasoned Producer and Production Manager/Coordinator, Monica excels in navigating the intricacies of production, overseeing logistics and resources for projects ranging from $20k to $1M. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional project management skills, she manages communication, budgets, timelines, and logistics with ease.


From creating clear statements of work for external creative vendors to coordinating schedules and holding budgets, she ensures smooth operations from pre-production to post-production phases. Her ability to strengthen client relationships through adept collaboration on notable projects for leading brands such as Disney and Marvel speaks volumes about her dedication to delivering exceptional results while fostering positive connections within the industry.

Notable clients include MARVEL, Barbie Movie, KENZO, KKW Beauty, Absolut Vodka

et al

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Assistant Director

Monica works as an Assistant Director for television, promos, commercials, music videos, and fashion shoots. In 2015 she is worked as the 1st AD for the award-winning Mexican show Como Dice El Dicho (Televisa). 

She is strong when commanding a crew, can keep a production on schedule, and always, always, keeps a level head, all the while bringing a fantastic attitude to any set. 

She's worked with artists such as Jhené Aiko, YG, and MoneyBagg Yo, and clients such as HBO Max, BET+Lifetime, WeTv, Bravo, and one of her all-time favorites, DISNEY!

Worst quality: she might forget your name

Best quality: Her killer dance moves! *ask her about 2006*

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Photographer's Assistant

Monica has had the privilege of photo assisting photographers such as Matthias Clamer, Jill Greenberg, Dove Shore, Benjo Arwas, and others. She brings her knowledge and collaboration to help create specific and extensive lighting setups. Working across fashion, commercial, celebrity portraiture, and key art. She loves creating impactful imagery and aspires to work with similar clients as a photographer herself.


Her experiences have allowed her to work with celebrities and clients such as Kenya Barris (THR), Damson Idris (Snowfall, FX), Jean Smart (Hacks, HBOMax), and Kevin Hart.

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Production Assistant

Like most in this industry, Monica put her time in as a production assistant. She got her start in low-budget music and dance videos and worked her way up to an award-winning film and television series. She reveled in the early morning call times and mastered processing 100+ background actors through the works. She continuously exceeded her peers which allowed for more responsibility and a quick climb. Helping her understand the industry and build her knowledge and character for a career in entertainment. Her curiosity and hunger for the industry allowed her to create connections across all departments, but she inevitably knew she would work her way through the production side as an AD and Producer. 

She work with large studios such as Netflix, CBS, HBO Max, FX, Warner Brothers, Disney, Fox, ABC, and many more. 

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